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Aug. 12th, 2004

Two days in a row update...what's up with that?

Being done with summer classes is already a big weight off my shoulders.

We decided for sure to wait on the cat. It's best for us and the little guy/girl we end up taking home.

Labor Day plans for Bumershoot (one day only since the lineup really sucks this year) and camping up in BC and a visit to my older sister-in-law in Vancouver BC.

I met a cool online friend from IB tonight at Lovely Hula Hands. She ended up being really cool and I was bummed I had to leave her and Kim (another in-town friend from the same community) early but too many things to do.

I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow to attend the Kerry rally, especially since I missed him last time. We're still waiting for our yard sign and bumper stickers to arrive...

Came home to a nice dinner and wine already prepared...I really lucked out with this guy, huh? And he's still being good and unpacking while I do my on-line stuff, LOL

Slowing starting do unwind and relax...all I need now is a massage and to be done with my internship!

Aug. 11th, 2004

Long time, no see blog and blog friends...

I haven't been this exhausted in years. We're more than halfway uppacked but definitely still working on the organizing, finding things (wait, stamps go in THIS drawer!), dealing with the heat, cleaning and dealing with more ants that we saw in a year in the old place. Ahh, the jobs of homeownership.

Part of my exhaustion has been my summer class (which ended tonight, thank god) and my board work at the crisis line. I had been stressing about a major paper (workshop design, technically speaking) and a presentation but they are both all over with now. I had the night from hell at Kinko's last night, for two freaking hours. Problems with my disc, problems with their color printer, no help in sight as staff were in break, then they got back and were monopolized by some older folks who didn't know jack shit, then the transparency paper jammed continually. Two hours and too much money later I left with the materials for my presentation. I thought it went well, and my overheads were more professional than the majority of my classmates, IMO. I think the added touch was including some strips from Matt Groening's "Life in Hell" book which illustrated some workplace communication aspects that I was discussing. I also got my graded workshop design back and got 30/30, so I was obviously happy about that.

Already my board work has been a huge time sucker. I've spent probably at least two hours a day on a simple task due to miscommunication and incompetency of some staff, former staff and other board members there. I did expect it to be a lot of work, but something so simple proved to be so challenging. I did make progress though and think I'll have a major task done by our next meeting. Party of the craziness was that the fundraising staff person quit and left a bunch of projects pending (yikes).

As much as I didn't want to do it, R. and I have decided to postpone on getting the kitty. The house isn't fully prepared yet. Then, we realized we're going to be gone for Bumpershoot and camping over Labor Day weekend and it will be too soon to get a cat only to leave them for so long, being in a new surrounding. I think its really for the best.

Two more weeks of the intership...I can't wait until its done only because of feeling so exhausted.

I've seen Gus Van Sant about 4 times now on my way to my internship and made eye contact twice. The Director at the office asked if I was stalking Gus. LOL No, I haven't even said a word so I give him his privacy, but its still fun for me, even though he's local and its *really* not a big deal. He has a nice, medium-large dog, FWIW, and seems to have a dog-walking and coffee routine. I'm still confused on him living in that building though as I thought he lived in NE on Alameda Ridge.

Truly tired now but that's enough to hold ya'll over for a bit...

Oh yeah...I've been married a year as of yesterday. I had almost forgot, which so much going on, so we're going to celebrate this weekend although R. was better than me and got me a card and beautiful orchid. I need to make up for that (bad spouse, bad!)

Jul. 25th, 2004

Isn't it amazing how the color of an appliance can drastically jack up the cost by a couple hundred bucks? R. and I needed to buy a new fridge for the new house (the owners before the current owner took their's) so we did the comparison of ads and headed to Sears. While the stainless steel models are beautiful, they are so freaking expensive. And, the black ones IMO look so much nicer, but for the same features, same storage space, and same energy efficiency levels, but a DIFFERENT COLOR, would we be willing to spend a few hundred more? HELL NO! It's really just not worth it. It should keep food cold and that's about all I need.

We spent about half of yesterday packing then took a break from the heat and packing to see "Mean Girls." It was alright...better than I expected and better with a pitcher of PBR. I thought the writing was better than the acting, but at least Tina Fey was involved with the acting so it wasn't all flat.

Oh yeah, and Friday we saw "Napoleon Dynamite" which was fucking hilarious! At first I read these great reviews but I still didn't get a good grasp on what the actual movie was about...but now I realize its sort of about nothing, just life in high school and lame family and day to day stuff, but written in a REALLY intelligent way with deadpan humor. It's mostly about the way the lines are delivered and not over-acted. I definitely recommend it for a good comedy.

Today we packed from about 4-10pm, including almost all of the kitchen (which was what I was dreading). Unfortunately, we have a snag with the house which sucks but I'm trying to stay positive. It has to do with one of the last repairs to be made by the seller and its partly the fault of the weather (the chimney guy couldn't work on Friday, understandably) but now we find out that the seller contracted with a non-licensed, non-insured contractor. It doesn't mean the job would necessary be bad, but in the long run who knows. And the fucking contract says its supposed be done by a licensed person! J. (the seller) is being such a slimey bastard. In the end, one way or another, we'll have it fixed but he sure waited until the last minute to get this rolling. Whatever. We may have to push back closing or hold some money aside or something. A lot is going to depend on whether J. can find someone licensed to finish the work ASAP. And this is supposed to all happen tomorrow before signing but its cutting it awfully damn close. If he just wants to give us the money we would accept that though, even though he REALLY should've had it taken care of by now. Oh well.

So tired and need to get up early...
Nothing like cooling down in 103 degree heat with a cold PBR!

"So, I'm like TOTALLY over that whole friend bitch fest I had the other day." LOL Thanks for listening for those who read and commented.

I really don't want to write any more about the heatwave because its all been said and what can you do?

Today at my internship I pretty much screwed around. There was a problem with one of the FileMakerPro files that I use for my main project and the Macforce maintenance guys couldn't get there today. Meanwhile, my other project is a survey which is awaiting responses until the deadline, so I pretty much had nothing to do. I checked some email, worked on a big project for school, and read some various journals and scanned the library in the their office. It was interesting to find this mini pamphlet titled, "Warning: Giving Can Be Hazardous To Your Health." LOL It was seriously written by a doctor and the point was about the psychology of philanthropy, as in why people donate money, and those who are EXTREMELY wealthy and how they mentally 'deal' with having money and the process of deciding who gets it.

Then I had my weekly check-in meeting with my supervisor, who shared that she actually comes from a really wealthy family in NYC, and part of the reason she moved to the Northwest was to get away from that whole money/high society/image thing. I guess she didn't have a great relationship with her dad either, and then her mom died, and she just wanted to escape. And somehow I thought it was relevant to bring up the reality show "The Hamptons" and "Rich Girls" and the recent influx of 'rich people' reality shows. I guess that's all I know about that lifestyle, coming from a working class, very blue-collar family. It's interesting because this woman, my supervisor, seems to fit into casual, whatever-floats-your-boat Northwest mentality (IMO). I never would've guessed she came from a mega wealthy family. You just never know (assumptions bad!). As much as I long to be an executive director one day, I know its hand in hand with begging for money from people who have different values from me, and that is the challenge of working in the nonprofit sector.

In the meantime, I shall enjoy my cheap PBR and get ready for dinner out...at someplace with air-conditioning.
Please forgive the rant but its been bothering me since the weekend! Read more...Collapse )

because I'm avoiding packing

The \\
Last Cigarette:Two years ago, drunk, trying to light up in my husband's car
Last Alcoholic Drink:Sangria
Last Car Ride:Yesterday cause I had to do mid-day errands
Last Kiss:this morning on the way out the door
Last Good Cry:a few months ago...my grandmother's funeral
Last Library Book:The Humane Society Guide to Cats
Last book bought:ages...its library or gifts these days
Last Book Read:Forgotten Journey
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:Anchorman
Last Movie Rented:can't remember...have on-demand
Last Cuss Word Uttered:FUCK!
Last Beverage Drank:water
Last Food Consumed:last remaining chocolate from Verdun chocolates
Last Crush:many many moons ago
Last Phone Call:to check voicemail at home...does that count?
Last TV Show Watched:Six Feet Under
Last Time Showered:this morning
Last Shoes Worn:Aerosoles black leather oxfords
Last CD Played:Bronski Beat
Last Item Bought:birthday gift for my sister
Last Download:nada
Last Annoyance:article about slow foodies
Last Disappointment:a friend who didn't RSVP to a party
Last Soda Drank:Coca-Cola Classic
Last Thing Written:grocery list
Last Key Used:?? computer key?? House key??
Last Words Spoken:"Thanks" to the bus driver
Last Sleep:good
Last Ice Cream Eaten:some Ben & Jerry's all things together concoction
Last Chair Sat In:patio chair doubling as computer chair
Last Webpage Visited:TACS.org

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Jul. 19th, 2004

Our summer shindig joint 30th party was a success. It contained 4 crucial ingredients:

1) lots of yummy food, including HOMEMADE hummus, veggie 7-layer bean dip, sesame penne noodes, and a few other store bought things
2) homemade sangria made by moi (was asked for the recipe about 5 times)
3) neat mix of my friends, my husband's friends, work/school/play people
4) a friend fell over backwards in one of our camping chairs and cut his ear on a rosebush

I figured its not REALLY a party until someone gets drunk and falls over! Actually, he was drunk when he arrived and was more sober when he fell over, which is the ironic thing.

Did we get any packing done? Ummmm, a little bit but not much. My goal is to have the guest room completely packed and cleaned out by the end of the week. This weekend we've GOTTA start with the kitchen. I know the dishes, glassware, pots and pans will take the longest, and longer than I expect.

Tomorrow the Executive Director is taking us interns out to lunch. Another free lunch...YES!

I had my first board meeting tonight, which went pretty fast. Most of my questions didn't get answered but I guess it was meant to be more of an overview/board orientation thing. I'll email one of the chairs and see when I can ask the more minutia details. I'm going to on the Development Committee which I'm excited about but was no way going to volunteer to be Chair off the bat.

An Ode to the Soon Former House

Things I Won't Miss About Our Current House:

1. The unfinished basement which collected water in certain spots in the winter
2. Our neighbors, albeit nice, who smoke out on their patio which wafts into to our bedroom
3. Asshole neighbor Charlie, who lives one house down, who got into a verbal fight once with our out-of-town friends because our friends parked in "his" CITY STREET car spot
4. The occasional rank stank of Popeye's in the air
5. Having only one bathroom and toilet
Worked, picked up boxes from a very nice LJ friend, and packed like a demon. Dead tired and not too much else to say really.

The internship was slow for a while but really picked up this last week. I will activate my on-line survey hopefully on Monday, which is a big project of the summer. After next Friday I will already be halfway done. Now in the process of trying to notify utilities, businesses and the various people we get mail from about the change of address. There is never enough time in the day.

Oh yeah, there ARE other things going on though besides the move, somehow...

Sarah's show was GREAT, as always. I thought it would be more of her new album but luckily it wasn't (I'm not thrilled by it). The Finn Brothers were extraordinary, which is what I expect from Neil anyways. If I had time I would pull out my Split Enz bootleg DVD or practice playing "Weather With You" some more. No practice time for the next month, sadly. You know how busy I am too when I don't allow myself to watch yet another pointless but fluffy fun countdown show on VH1 (I Love the 90s). I've seen a bit but its just too much of a timekiller right now.

How much of our canned food can we eat in the next two weeks?

Summer joint-30th party Saturday night, which is the much-needed break in this moving madness. I wonder how many friends I can convince to help us...

Jul. 3rd, 2004

I had forgotten what its like to truly relax, take an afternoon nap, and not have too much on the agenda. God I love the three day weekends!

The inspection is scheduled for Thursday morning and we're waiting to hear back from our mortgage broker but he's probably out of town for the long weekend. Tonight we walked around our new neighborhood, which really is only 8 blocks east of where we are now. It was fun checking out the neighboring houses and exactly how close the nearest park is and prices of other houses for sale around there.

I have so many ideas for the house. Not that I have the skills necessarily to do all of those things, but just envisioning having fun with the process. Did I mention the finished basement has a wetbar? Yeah, it sounds all cheesy 70's like but it an updated one so we're definitely planning on making use of it. Our landlord returned our message from last week and was going on and on for 20 minute about what great tentants we are, we've chosen such a great location, its a good investment, and how he also rents a property just a few houses down the block so we'll likely see him around. Go figure. Jay was nice but I won't really miss him THAT much. :)

I got all of my errands done this morning except for one so I mostly have the rest of the weekend free. Tomorrow night is the inlaws and probably the Ft Vancouver fireworks display. It's been a couple years and I haven't seen them in ages so I'll put up the crowds and what not for the family time. I know my MIL is already thinking about how this new house is big and room for us to "grow" in but I don't think she'll lay on the grandkids talk too heavy. First things first...we have to move in!

Happy Fourth of July everybody! Go celebrate freedom of speech and assembly and see Farenheit 9/11.